• 6 Solid Wood Bedside Tables

    Posted on Aug 27, 2018

    There are lots of tables and storages that you can find in Acacia Wood gallery, but this one table category has its own uniqueness. Bedside Table or Bedside End Table is a table that is right next to the bed. This table usualy has its pairing design for left and right side of bed. There are lots of bedroom set furniture that belongs to Bedside Table. If you don’t have one, it’s the right time for you to buy Bedside Table that suit your bedroom theme collection.

    The Function of Bedside Table

    Before indoor flush toilets became commonplace, the main function of a bedside tables was to contain a chamber pot. As a result, early nightstands were often small cabinets, sometimes fitted with a drawer, and usually containing an enclosed storage space below covered by one or more doors.

    The Bedside Table design mostly simple and compact but still has big influence if you have one. You can put the table lamp on it. That’s why this table usually called as nightstand or night table. You use this table to put alarm clock or novels, but the most frequent reason why people need this Bedside Table is because they use it to put smartphone or gadget accessories right next to where they sleep. So they don’t worry about their smartphone or gadget being crushed when they are sleeping.

    Aside as a storage, the function of Bedside Table is to make your bedroom looks more aesthetic. You don’t have to buy Bedside Table that has same material with your dresser or bedroom set furniture that you have. You just have to synchronize the theme. You can choose vintage, classic, or modern Bedside Table. You also can order customized design.

    Bedside Table’s type:

    Although Bedside Table is one of the end tables category and there are a lot of designs, but accordign to the form, it can be categorized into 6:

    1. Bedside tables with drawer
    2. Bedside tables with shelves
    3. Bedside tables with mirror
    4. Round bedside tables
    5. Floating bedside tables
    6. Custom bedside tables

    Choosing The Right Size for Bedside Table

    If your room is not too large, youo need slim Bedside Table that is not only fit to your room but also still looks chic. Bedside Table that is not too short or high is also makes you more comfortable to use. If you have too many bed furnitures in your room, one Bedside table is enough. Beside the aesthetic value,you have to think the needs of this Bedside Table. You can put it next to your bed or at the corner of your room. You can put it wherever that suit your taste.

    6. Solid Wood Bedside Table

    Acacia Wood can make various kind of end table using solidwood. We also can make costumied nightstand design. Still, we recommended you these six attractive Bedside Table that has gergous design and high quality of wood but still affordable that our customer mostly buy:

    1. Emily Petit Bedside Table


    2. Emily Bedside Cabinet


    3. Aspera End Table


    4. Side Table 1 Drawer


    5. One Drawer Night Stand


    6. Three Drawer Night Stand