• 5 Wooden Benches You'll Love

    Posted on May 21, 2018

    Where is the best place to seat? Most people will say seating on a sofa in a living room is the most comfortable place to relax. Yet, there’s some who enjoys sitting on a garden bench, relaxing and enjoying the nature. Enjoying the scenery with your family and friends, will surely reduce the stress that you had while working in an office. Believe it or not, walking in a park near your neighborhood or enjoying the nature and feeling the wind breeze will make you feel better. Usually, these chairs you sit on a park made out of classic concrete park bench, which is one of the reasons why you feel uncomfortable while seating on it. You will most likely visit the park if it is not far from home. If you already have an outdoor place, it is better to have your own preferable garden with an addition of outdoor benches.

    Why do we recommend wooden benches? First, it is because wood is a great material. It is beautiful and durable. It looks authentic and there are so many designs of both traditional and contemporary. It’s hard to beat natural wood for adding warmth and beauty in an outdoor space. Another advantage when you use wooden benches is that it is nature friendly, non-toxic, and recyclable when not in use. It can be recycled into other shapes of furniture/reclaimed furniture. Reclaimed wood is one of our actions that shows that supports go green.

    Choosing Durable Wood for Wooden Benches:

    Choosing the raw materials of a wooden bench is important. Because not all wood are suitable to use as an outdoor bench. If you are planning to make your own outdoor wooden bench, choose a wood that is durable, weatherproof, and able to resist termites. One of the wood material that we would like to introduce you, is Acacia.

    Acacia is a dense, durable hardwood, weather-resistance and resistant to both wear and tear. It is often used in boat building. Furniture made with acacia wood is easy to maintain. You can use a damp cloth to wipe and clean it. You can also use furniture oil to wax it. As time goes by, you will see a natural coloring and aging of the wood, which makes it look beautiful.

    The Best Place for Wooden Benches

    If you already have or use wooden benches, you don’t always have to put it in a garden. Here are some alternatives where wooden benches looks best.

    1. Wooden Benches for Garden

    In general, wooden benches are to be place in a garden. That’s why a lot of people calls these a wooden garden bench. A garden filled with flowers and trees wouldn’t be complete without a place to sit and look around those beautiful nature. A garden bench to sit back and enjoy the scenery would be best to put near the ponds or at the end of your garden walkways. You can also add a pergola to add an art in the garden and a pillow to complete those wooden benches and make it more comfortable. But always remember to cover them when the weather is not cooperating.

    1. Wooden Benches for Front Porch

    Wooden benches is suitable to be put on a front porch. The advantages are, it is easier to maintain than putting it on a garden and it also works as a chair for your guests. You can have a conversation with your guests and enjoy the nature all at once. Wooden bench for front porch is very convenient if you add a seat cushion and a backrest pillow. You can choose the color you prefer or match it with the color of your walls.

    1. Wooden Benches on Playground

    The use of wooden benches aside from enjoying the scenery is also for a good resting spot. If you have kids and they enjoy playing in the garden, Then having a bench is a must. Kids can use these bench as a place for them to rest after playing. Besides, you can also relax on the wooden bench while taking care and watching your children play.

    1. Indoor Wooden Benches

    For indoor use, There is no hostile environment to worry about. Indoor Wooden Benches can be an alternative for sofa in a living room. The Style and design of indoor wooden benches gives a natural vibe and comfort. With various choices of contemporary designs of wooden benches, your house will feel unique but does not feel old

    5 Wooden Benches You'll Love

    As a woodworking company, we have various designs of wooden bench. Whether it is from a high quality acacia wood or other types of solid-wood. The price and designs are customizable both is based on the buyer’s preference. But we’ve already chosen 5 wooden benches that will surely astound you. Here are 5 designs of wooden benches you can use outdoor or indoor.

    1. Jericho Bench

    This wooden Bench with the length 4 feet and 5 feet has a classic touch and design. With a sheet of golden teak oil as its finishing, the color and the fiber of this acacia wood stands out and gives the bench an elegance. Not elegance, this bench is comfortable even though you sit hours on it. With its armrest feature and a backrest will add comfort to whoever sits on it. Jericho bench is very suitable for outdoor use. You can sit with your loved ones in the garden or to use as a place to have good and relaxing conversation in your home terrace.

    2. Rose Bench

    If you are a rose lover, then this wooden bench is perfect for you. Even though the feature is not far different from Jericho bench which has an arm rest and a backrest, Rose bench has more of an art on it. It has a rose carved on the middle of the back rest. It also has 2 colors which is black and natural. You can place this bench on a rose garden that goes with the theme or add a cushion and put it on your front porch.

    3. Ceylon

    If the concept of your house is colonial, then this wooden bench fits well in it. Ceylon is made for you who has a superior sense of art. Other than its unique colonial design, the aged white color and the rustic finishing gives an elegant feel to it. Ceylon is perfect to use in the garden or front porch to accentuate the colonial feel of your home.

    4. Ponza

    This wooden bench is different from the others. Ponza is a backless wooden bench. It has no back nor armrest. But it is still comfortable due to its curve on the chair. Simple, it does not need that much space, and it is very versatile. You can simply lift it and put it indoor or outdoor. The golden teat color of it also gives it a very minimalist feel at home. Combining this with a picnic table or garden table makes it a great outdoor dining set to use daily.

    5. Rexford Love Seat

    If the other designs of benches are customizable for two or three seater, this wooden bench is designed only for a two seater. That’s why its called the love seater. You can use this bench to have a more intimate conversation with your loved ones or to use it while enjoying the nature with the one you love. It is completed with an armrest, backrest, and a curve on the seat that will surely make you do not want to move from the chair.

    each design, color, and size of this benches are customizable according to your preference. We are a woodworking company that has engaged in the wood industry since 2002 so we will always maintain and focus on quality. Please contact us, for further informations.